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Hidden away in one of the best locations in Dallas, Bluffview is an area where eclectic geographical accents and unusual natural terrain separates itself from other areas in the city. Once a 215-acre dairy farm, the land that is now Bluffview is punctuated by 50-foot bluffs than run along Bachman Creek. John P. Stevens, also responsible for Stevens Park in Oak Cliff, bought the farm in 1924 and divided the property into once-acre parcels. Significantly designed residences were built upon the distinctive environment with features formed from Bachman Creek’s streams and tributaries. Bluffview’s first residents hired highly acclaimed architects to design their homes and many have been meticulously restored and refurbished to accommodate today’s lifestyle.


The unique enclave of Bluffview offers all the conveniences of its central location; great shopping, stylish salons, popular restaurants, hotels and is minutes from Dallas’ in-town airport, Love Field and private aviation accommodations.


Bluffview is bounded by Northwest Highway to the north, Midway to the west, Lovers Lane to the south and Briarwood to the east.


Greenway Parks


A stone’s throw from its Park Cities neighbors, Greenway Parks is one of the most elegant and intact neighborhoods in Dallas. Greenbelts and small parks weave their way throughout the small area, with most homes opening their back doors to reveal wide, lush greenbelts. Architectural styles are diverse and homes are extremely well-kept and maintained.


Strictly-enforced deed restrictions, a strong homeowner’s association and neighborhood pride has helped keep the area and its 300 or so families faithful to their roots for the better part of a century.


The neighborhood enjoys a prime location, with the Dallas North Tollway bounding the property on the east, Inwood Road to the west and University Boulevard to the north, while Mockingbird Lane forms the southern boundary. In addition, Dallas’ only airport, Love Field, with national (Southwest and United Airlines), charter and private aviation accommodations is close by.


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